Dead ants, EVERYWHERE!

Dead ants, EVERYWHERE!

We received this photo and message from a customer, and wanted to share it.

I had my home treated on April 14th, and it is now September 3rd and we are still finding these tiny dead ants, everywhere. I know you have a 90 day warranty on all treatments and it is past that time, so we will need to schedule and pay for another general pest control appointment. I just want to know why they are still getting in our house and what can you do to keep this from happening next time?”

First, we would like to point out that she was finding DEAD ANTS. This is a sign of a successful treatment. You will absolutely find dead insects after treatment. You only want to be concerned if they are active and moving, and only after it’s been at least 15 days following the initial treatment.

We would like to explain how our treatment works.

We apply the product to the baseboards, interior crack and crevices, all plumbing voids, around windows and doors, and 8 feet around exterior flowerbeds and perimeter. The residual for our product can last 3 months, or more depending on how much this area is cleaned with reacting chemical cleaners. This is why we guarantee all treatments for 90 days and will come back free of charge a maximum of once per month if there are ACTIVE insects after our initial treatment.

The state of Texas requires that we do not treat more than one time in a 16 day period as a precaution. It can take some time for the insects to crawl into the treated areas and die off.

Also, there is no magical barrier which can prevent any insects from ever entering your house. We control their entry by treating the baseboards so that they will die before coming into the living areas of your home. This is why she was seeing dead ants in her bathroom. They came in, found the product and were killed on contact. Success!

Pesky insects are something we never want to see in our homes around our families. We are a family owned and operated company and completely understand the frustrations you face as home-owners. We hope that this explanation can help you to feel more comfortable with pest control services so that together we can protect you and your family against unwanted houseguests.